Welcome to Awana!

Our Awana program meets most Wednesday nights from mid-August through April and has clubs for boys and girls of all ages: Cubbies (ages 3-4), Sparks (K-2), and Truth and Training (3-6).



– 6:15 Check-in (please arrive on time)

– 6:30 Start

– 8:00 Finish



When your child completes his or her entrance booklet in Awana they become an official club member and are entitled to purchase a handbook and uniform. The Awana uniform lets others know that you are a member of our club, it helps promote discipline within the club, and is used to display the various achievement awards. A clubber must be in uniform in order to receive achievement awards.

Wear your complete uniform each week for the whole club year. Take good care of it and make sure to attach your awards to it as soon as you receive them. Uniforms and handbooks are available at the Awana office.



Dues for Awana this year are $1.00 each week and are used to help pay for awards and outings. You can give your dues to the leaders taking roll at the check-in tables. If you wish to pay for the entire year, the cost is $28.00 for the first clubber, $25.00 for the second, and $22.00 for the third clubber.


2-21-18 – NO CLUB – Rodeo Week

2-28-18 – Return of Dr. IQ

3-7-18 – March Madness

3-14-18 – Blue, Green, Yellow, Red

3-21-18 – NO CLUB – Spring Break

Dale Beyer (Email)

Awana Commander



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