Small Groups


Canyon Del Oro Baptist Church has declared its mission of reaching people for Christ and helping them grow in their faith. How do small groups fit into that? Small groups provide a setting for believers to grow in Christ, build community, and encourage one another. What does all that mean, though?

  • It is our desire that all believers grow in Christ. That means they increase in their knowledge and understanding of God and become more like Christ in their own life.
  • We also want the members of our church to build community. Community is living life together; sharing in each other’s joys, hurts, hopes, and accomplishments. Community goes beyond the surface level to the deep relationships with other believers that we all need and long for.
  • Finally, living out our Christian life requires encouragement from other believers that know us and can speak to our hearts, people we trust. In small groups we can encourage each other as we grow in our faith, seek ways to serve the church body, and reach out to the lost with the Gospel message of salvation in Christ.

Small Group Contact Form

Interested in finding a small group in your area? Or just looking for some information? Please fill out this form, and we will be in touch with you soon!