A Brief History

Founded in 1947 as the Conservative Baptist Association of America, CBAmerica has historically been know as a movement of evangelical Baptists with a zealous commitment for evangelism, the word of God, and missionary expansion through church planting both at home and abroad.  CBA came into being just four years after the founding of CBInternational (the mission sending agency of CB churches) and three years prior to Mission To The Amercia’s (the urban, ethnic and campus ministry founded in 1950).

Rather than become “another denomination” CBA chose to equip churches and facilitate missions through the above cooperating organizations and regional networks of churches.  We have partnered with other evangelical ministries such as Youth for Christ, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and others with a commitment to fulfilling the Great Commission at home and around the world.

In the 1950’s and through the early 70’s CBA was a church-planting dynamo with hundreds of new churches planted across America.  The focus of CBAmerica in the 80’s continued church planting and added a significant emphasis on training congregations in evangelism, discipleship and member care.

We have impacted the military, hospitals and other social agencies with a significant chaplaincy program that continues to grow while changing the lives of those who find Christ through a bold proclamation of God’s word.

CBAmerica exists today as a network of churches and ministries, vitally connected to national and regional leadership, committed to fulfilling the Great Commandment and the Great Commission by living Christ Before America.  While each individual CBAmerica church is autonomous we choose to function interdependently because we believe we can do more together than we can alone in building Christ’s kingdom here on earth.

“O God how we long to be, a network of people and churches being radically transformed by the Holy Spirit in passionate love for God, driven by Christ’s focus on the lost.”

We are a network of 1200 plus unique churches in cities, rural settings, suburbs and small towns all across America.  But we are all committed to knowing God and winning his lost ones in every way we can.  Through our national and regional offices we offer assistance in church planting, revitalization, leadership multiplication, a focus on the next generation ministries and a strategy to assist churches in building stronger spiritual foundations.