Sunday School Groups


OPEN  DOOR  11:00 AM / Room 7

We warmly welcome adults ages 18 and above. Our name–Open Door–comes from the book of Revelation (3:9) where Scripture tells us He has put an open door before us, “which no one can shut.”

We enjoy vibrant participation through interactive discussions as we study God’s Word to find His will for our lives. Pertinent comments and questions during the lesson help us better understand the truths in God’s Word and contribute to healthy discussion. Our Bible study tends to follow a series, but each lesson stands alone. Our class leadership focuses on faithful study of His Word which provides us power to maintain spiritual growth in our daily lives. We are caring Christians and share each other’s concerns through our prayers.

We welcome you to join us as we explore God’s will for our lives. Our door is “open” and you will find a warm welcome!


THE  BEREANS  11:00 AM / Rooms 1 & 2

The name of our class–Bereans–is taken from the book of Acts where the apostle Paul preached to the Macedonians. It notes that when the people of Berea heard the message of salvation from Paul they diligently searched the Scriptures to determine the accuracy of his message. In our class we seek to do the same through both Old and New Testament study coupled with lively group discussion.

Our class mostly consists of those from age 50 and above. In addition to our study, we make great effort to keep each other’s needs before the Lord in our prayers. We eagerly welcome winter Arizonans and are enriched by the diversity they bring from various other cooler locales. We are also linked through emails to maintain contact and keep our prayer concerns before one another.

We are a friendly group of believers who enjoy studying the Bible and we invite you to join the Bereans and our fellowship on our journey to live for Him as we grow in our spiritual knowledge.


PELOS  11:00 AM / Rooms 3 & 4

Our friendly members are diverse in age with some of us still having children at home. All are welcome. Although we vary in age, we share a common desire to learn and follow His Word in our daily lives. We choose our name–Pelos–from a Greek word which is translated as “clay or mud.” During our daily lives we want to become malleable vessels in God’s hands as He shapes us for His service. We draw this illustration from the book of Isaiah where God is the Potter and we are the clay to be molded into instruments for His service.

Our study includes a wide range of investigation depending on the interests of our members. We rely greatly on input from each member for our interactive discussion-based Bible study. Our deep desire is to learn more about God’s Word as we examine the Scripture and try to understand how it applies to our daily lives.

We, the members of Pelos, are still being molded for His use and invite you to join us as we strive to become better instruments for His service. You will be assured of a warm welcome.