What To Expect


Welcome! We’re glad you’re here. Canyon Del Oro Baptist Church is a church that is committed to reaching people for Christ and helping them grow in their faith. The 9:30 weekend worship service is step one in connecting people to God and one another, and this is accomplished by providing an atmosphere that is worshipful, relevant, inspiring and Christ-centered. We are intentional about introducing God to those who are seeking Him, while also challenging those who have already established that relationship with God, through faith. We view the weekend service as an opportunity for regular attendees to bring their family, neighbors and acquaintances to hear about God’s love for them.


Q. Where is the church located?

A. We’re on the northeast corner of Oracle Rd. and Calle Concordia (9200 N. Oracle Rd.)

Q. When are the weekly worship services and what are they like?

A. We currently offer one service, at 9:30. As you enter the sanctuary our ushers will welcome you with a bulletin, and if helpful, are glad to direct you to your seat. We encourage early arrival as the service always begins on time, and lasts just over an hour. The service begins with a welcome and some announcements, followed by a time of worship with music (a mix of modern songs and hymns) and prayer. Then we open God’s Word together with expository, verse-by-verse preaching

Q. Is there a dress code?

A. No. The Lord focuses on the heart more than the outward appearance, and so do we. You’ll find a wide variety of dress among our congregation—from casual jeans and shorts, to more formal. We simply aim to dress so as not to draw attention to ourselves, but keep the focus on Jesus Christ alone

Q. What is the music like?

A. Here at CDOBC we believe that God is most pleased with our worship when our purpose is to love and glorify Him, and when our practice is to pursue unity over our own personal tastes. In practice we are committed to using great songs and doing them in a tasteful and creative style   

Q. Can my children come too?

A. Absolutely! We love children and offer options during the 9:30 worship service hour, and the 11:00 small group hour, from infant all the way through 12th grade. Just stop by the Welcome Center in the lobby for directions

Q. Is there anything else going on Sunday mornings?

A. There are 3 Adult Sunday School groups that meet each Sunday, along with an on-campus small group for young adults. Just stop by the Welcome Center in the lobby for directions, or look in your bulletin for times and locations



Here at CDOBC it can definitely be confusing when you first walk in as to where to go next, where to bring your children and get any of your other questions answered! Along with those who welcome you at our main doors, we have a Welcome Center located in the lobby. Just walk up to those friendly people with your whole family and they will personally direct you wherever you need to go, along with answering any questions you might have. Also, if you’d like to meet Pastor Steve, come back to the Welcome Center after the 9:30 service lets out for a coffee drink or water, and fresh baked goods.